Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew (Day 6)

Matthew is 6 today and we have a full schedule. We will be gone from now until late tonight so we had to find a time to open presents and sing happy birthday with the family. So this what it. I think the song, cake, and presents took maybe 10 minutes!!! We were on a very tight schedule and were exhausted!!! Okay Matthew you can open your gifts but you can't play with anything because we have to go to breakfast....Go Go Go!!!

Wow!!! The Crystal King. He had been asking for this for months.

Can you tell he was excited!!!

He was really in to LEGO Power Miners so that is a lot of what he received.

Time for Birthday Breakfast at CHEF MICKEY'S!!!

Matthew is obviously dressed as Mickey.

The Characters are on there way!!!!!

A kiss for Tinker Bell!!

Mickey Is Here!!

Don't they all look SO CUTE

Gabbie was loving all over Mickey and then he lifted her up by the hands and stood her on his feet for a dance before moving on. I think we slowed all of the Characters down. Oh well. They had a blast.

And now it starts...each meal they sing Happy Birthday and you get to blow out the candle. Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

Aw!! She loved all of our visitors!!

Got to check out EVERYTHING.

Finally I can eat my cupcake , at breakfast, Yum YUM !!!!

Aw Minnie and Mickey...together at last!!

Gabbie was SO CUTE. She just loved Minnie and didn't want any of them to go. This is what makes me want to go EVERY year. That and I really LOVE DISNEY!!!

Minnie wanted Mickey all to herself.

Oh Donald I love YOU TOO!!!

She must have something with tongues!!

Donald was not happy to see Mickey. You know they are enemies!!

How dare you wear that in my presence. He then pointed to me and scolded me and I said,"I didn't do it!! It was his Grandmother. Then Donald pointed to Regina and she was shocked and said,"it wasn't me, it was the other Grandmother!!"

Donald calmed down a little as Gabbie checks out his belly.

But not enough to completely embrace Mickey Matt!!

Got to sign those books and you better be ready!!!

Now it's Lunch time, hey didn't we just eat breakfast!!???

We did have some time in Magic Kingdom and then off to Cinderella's Castle!!

Photo Op. with Cinderella and then off to lunch upstairs with the princesses!!!

Snow White was the first to grace us with her presence!!

Then Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty,


Hey Belle I saw you with the Beast.

Don't you just love this stage when they think they are smiling but actually NOT!!!


Time for another cupcake and a round of Happy Birthday!!!

Waiting to see Tinker Bell, we finally made it this far. I think we waited in line for over 30 min. And it is off season.

Here we go again. Abigail looks like an Angel and well ,Gabbie, I wont say what she looks like.

Look at the birthday boy. So cute.

YAY!!!! Tinker Bell!!!!

Three Tinker Bells posing for a shot!!!
You can't be Tinker Bell if you don't have your hands on your hips..

It was a lot of work getting this shot. We could tell deep down he wanted to take a picture with Tinker Bell but he was acting MACHO
He looks happy to me??

This was in Hollywood Studios. Al just had to take this because of the name of the business.


This was in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area. I thought this was soo cute. In the upper back is a garden hose with a sprayer attached.

Riding on an ant with an oatmeal creme cookie in the back ground.

We let Matthew choose the places he wanted to go since we had been to all of the parks. We visited Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

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