Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kidz Blitz

Here they are, ready for a crazy night. Matthew is so afraid that the show is about to start that he couldn't concentrate on having his picture taken.
Everyone had to be involved and they wanted us to "Make some Noise"!!!!
These are all of the helpers and Mr. Kids Blitz. You can also see our new worship center.
The first event was stuffing the jump suit with as many balloons as possible. Blue Team won!!!!

This was so crazy seeing this 5 year old all blown up.

This was the green team. They did a great job.

The next event was the donut eating contest. The kids had to eat as much as they could without the donut breaking. The Green Team's donut broke so the Blue Team won!!

Now Ryan and Ashley, the team leaders, had to do the same challenge. But theirs was a little tricky.
They had to be on the the floor and blindfolded. CRAZY!!!!
Ryan ate to much and his broke.
Mr. Kidz Blitz asked if any husband wanted to volunteer his wife to come on stage and participate for the next event. No one knew what was coming. Our friend Kevin pointed out his wife Jessica, who by the way is 35 weeks pregnant, to come on stage. Then the guy said that since this is a family event, why don't we have the husbands come up as well. Kevin and Jessica have a 19 month old and she couldn't help so they had her niece and nephew come up and shave the cream from the water balloon. Everything was nice and clean until Ryan and Allison took an pin to the water balloon.
Kevin was soaked. This couldn't have happened to a better person. Kevin is such a crazy guy, he can take it.

Ryan and Ashley got "PUFFED" because they were disobedient. They were "not suppose to pop the balloons". I don't believe that one. This was hilarious.
This was the final bang. The toilet paper gun. Matthew is standing ready to pack the paper on his teammate
Off it goes into the air. The crowd had to pass it from the back to the front and pile it on the child on the stage. which ever team had the most paper won.

They are working hard to pile that paper on.
Blue team(our team) wins!!!!

This adventure was wonderful and a lot of fun. Christ was presented and everyone saw that this is one way you can have fun in church.

Gabbie's Braids

Gabbie had her hair braided for the first time Wednesday night. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. She sat still and did not fuss. She went to be right after and I was hoping it would stay beautiful. I don't have a photo of the out come. It was pretty crazy. I took it down that afternoon and she looked like she had just stuck her finger in a socket.
Can you believe she has this much hair?

Maybe I will do it again one morning so she can wear it all day.

Love you guys.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Popcicle Baby

Gabbie had a popcicle and this is what we got.

Princess snaggle tooth

Abigail lost her first upper tooth the night we came back from Tuscaloosa May 19th. The other one will be coming out soon. She is growing sooo fast. It's hard to remember her being Gabbie's size. She still wears glasses, just didn't have them on at this time.Abigail just finished Kindergarten and can't wait to start 1st grade. She loves reading and math. We have been going to the library and checking out books and she will get 6 or 7 and have them read in no time. She is a blessing and a wonderful sister.

Cute photos of kids

This is a culmination of photos from this spring.
The girls are playing with a talking bear Gabbie received for Christmas. She loves it.

How cute is this little girl!!!!
I was taking photos of Abigail and Matthew outside and caught a little squabble. I don't know if you can see Abigail's frustration, but she doesn't want Matthew looking at the book.

Now this is handsome boy. And a little silly.
Matthew was sick one week and while riding in the car we gave him a bag just in case in got sick. When he got home he had to find some tape and it shocked us with what he did. I feel sorry for him even now as I look at the photo, but I have to say he was very inventive.
I handed Gabbie something to play with in the car to keep her quiet, not thinking anything would happen. You would think this being my third I would be smarter. I would have never handed Abigail or Matthew the box that contained my lipstick.

Okay, these are just hilarious!!!
These are photos from the week we were last in Tuscaloosa. The princesses are having a lot of fun at Caroline's house.

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

Earlier in the spring two mom friends of mine told me about a church in Ringgold, GA that had an interpretive dance class for home school girls and their moms. I didn't know if it was something that we wanted to do. I went the first time and found out it was very modest and professional. I thought it was wonderful!!!
We practiced for 8 weeks and for the first time they had a presentation for the public and a recital.
There were five different age groups of dancers and each studied their own dances. They all worked very hard and I was amazed at the performance.
Abigail loved it and so did I.

This is Joseph and his brothers after he received his coat from his father.
The music was from Joseph and his techno colored dream coat.

The dance had a lot of sign language in it. The words to Abigail's song:
"Joseph your coat has so many colors
bright as the sun at the noon of the day
when you wear your coat of Joseph
God will guide you on your way"

They would sign the words above and then as they sang the colors they held a hoop that had a rainbow of colors on it and circled Joseph.

The brothers throwing him in the well.

The moms were workers harvesting the wheat for the seven years of famine.

To end, everyone came back on stage and signed "Awesome God"

The awards ceremony was Friday night after the recital and most of the moms and girls were presented with flowers.

This whole experience was a blessing and we both had so much fun we will be doing it again next year.