Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disney World (Day 3)

A Day at Hollywood Studios

Our first stop on day 3 was the 1900 Park Fare.  The breakfast was wonderful and we got to meet Mary Poppins, the Madd Hatter, Alice, and Tigger.  I would love to dress in Mary Poppins outfit.  Just lovely!!

Gabbie was in awe!!

The Madd Hatter was REALLY CRAZY!!!!

I don't think Matthew really wanted a photo with Alice.

And of course we can't leave out Poppy!!!

The Army Men from Toy Story were hilarious.  If Al were to have a job at Disney this would be it. VERY corny. Love you babe.

This was the most fun lunch we had.  We ate at the 50's Diner and when I say 50's it's not just in the decor.  The guy that took us to the table stopped us and wouldn't let us go any further because he said Regina was running ahead!! Our server told us we had better eat our vegetables or else.  Oh, and don't even think about putting your elbows on the table.  The kids even asked for permission to so they could color and he said it was okay.  The food was a meat and 3 type and it was GOOD!!  They also had reruns of the shows that were popular in the 50's.  I had heard of a lot of them but a couple Alan and Regina were surprised and had forgotten about them.  Lots of fun.  We will definitely go back!!!!

With our Dining Plan we go an appetizer, main course, and dessert with every meal.  We were very full and Disney doesn't skimp.  When they do it they do it BIG!!

 This was for one person!!!! It had 2 brownies, whipped cream, chocolate M&M's, and carmel!!!!
No way one person could eat this after an app, and food.


After lunch the guys went to ride the Rockin' Rollercoaster.(yes after eating that much, they were crazy)
We wanted to see the parade.  We didn't see this one last time and to me this one is the most fun.  They actually call you out at one point to dance with them!  Really fun.

We are waiting on the Block Party and took the time to take some pics

Here they come......Block Party Bash!!

After the parade we headed over to see Ariel's show after that we let the kids pose with "June" from Little Einsteins and Handy Manny.  Abigail and Matthew really like playhouse Disney when they get to watch TV.

We met back up with the guys and also met Prince Caspian!!!  I think Gabbie told him she was Cinderella. Abigail loved meeting him and she remembers the movie.  Mattie on the other hand is really picky about who he really wants to take pictures with.

I can't  remember what they were laughing about but Regina was in tears she was laughing so hard.

This is my favorite ride!!! It was sooo much fun and soo cute!!!
The detail they put into everything is amazing.  You are a toy in this ride.  All the tinker toys and lights.  While you are in line you are walking on a checkers board that is held up by lincoln logs and a Scrabble board over head.  Matthew and I were in the same cart both times we went. And we had a blast!!!

You can see Andy's room in the back ground with cloud wall paper and lamp and chest of drawers.

We are headed to the Polynesian Resort to eat at Ohana which means family.  The food was wonderful and it is served family style and they give you as much as you will eat.  They walk around with skewers of barbecued turkey, beef , and chicken that is wonderful. 

We were tired out!!!

This is really the only photo I have of Ohana.  The kids were in a relay race aroung the dining room with brooms and coconuts. 

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