Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disney World (Day 5)

Epcot for the Day

We spent day 5 in Epcot.  It was Alan's 60th Birthday and since he spent the first 2 yrs of his life in Japan, I thought it would be neat to go to least Disney style.  This is the day we had reservations for breakfast but cancelled them because we didn't want to get up at 6 am after getting to bed at 1 am the night before.  I have learned a lot about what I will not do next time.  NO breakfast reservations!!!!

As soon as we walked in we saw Daisy Duck and of course had to get a photo.

Everyone had to get a photo!!

Gabbie always had to love on the Characters. So Cute.

Even Nanny and Poppy had to join in the fun.  Who can resist Daisy???

Next Stitch came out.  We have never seen the movie but the kids wanted to see him anyway.  He even made noises. Gross noises.  At least he didn't stink!!

Anybody up for lunch in Japan??  The food was great and Alan even got a special hat and ice cream for his birthday!!  If you have a birthday pin on EVERYONE tells you Happy Birthday!!  We made Alan wear one but I know he really liked it.

This is an ancient style of drumming that has been kept alive for centuries!! Very entertaining.

Now we are back in The United States of America!!!

We were waiting on the next showing of  The American Adventure that tells the history of America.  This was Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps announcing the Adventure was about to begin.

After entering we really enjoyed hearing the Liberty Singer.  They sang acapella and were wonderful!!

This member of the singers went to Lee University.  Which is a Christian college not far from where we live

Next we made our way to Germany and met Snow White.  Abigail had to check out the well and see if there were any of Snow White's bird friends hidding.

We couldn't get Matthew to get in the picture.  Guess it's just a girl thing.

For Dinner we traveled to the top of the Contemporary Resort and had a Gourmet meal at the California Grill.  It was no neat to see the fireworks. Nothing beats looking at them straight on though.  It's just no the same. 

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