Saturday, May 3, 2008

Go Fly a Kite

River Park Kite Flying Field Trip
Matthew and Daniel, a boy in Abigail's class.
Abigail trying to get the kite to stay up.
Go Mattie!!!

One of the playgrounds of this park is pictured in the background. There is a playground for small kids and another for bigger kids. They had a wonderful time.

It was a beautiful day but the wind wasn't constant. It was a little frustrating but they had fun and were able to experience flying a kite. They also got a good bit of exercise due to trying to keep the kite up.
This park is wonderful. It is one of many along the path that follows the river. We sometimes visit the snack area. It has wonderful food and ice cream too. The kids love that part.

Take Me Out to the Ball Park

Chattanooga Lookouts

Lookouts VS Birmingham Barrons.
How funny is that.

We were able to sit in box seats that Comcast has for half the season. It was nice. Great seats but no free food. Oh well, we were grateful for the view.

Gabbie and Abigail watching the game. Gabbie was walking back and forth holding the rail. She had a blast.
Gabbie being Gabbie.

Isn't she cute.

Abigail posing for a photo op.

Gorgeous sunset.

We left before the game ended so I don't know who won, but we had a lot of fun!!!!