Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disney World (Day 2)

A Day in Magic Kingdom

The second day was spent in Magic Kingdom.  Our day started with Crystal Palace for breakfast where we saw Winnie the Pooh and Friends.  Even though they are getting older Abigail and Matthew still enjoyed seeing all the Characters. 

Al and Poppy took Abigail and Matthew on Barn Stormer....Gabbie was not big enough so Nanny and I sat with her and watched them go by.

Next we ventured to The Judges Tent to see Mickey.  Gabbie has seen Mickey Mouse on Mickey Mouse Club House but not really that much.  I think this was our first Character photo shoot so  we didn't know how she would do. The line was really not that long.  They take in about 2 or 3 families at a time to the room where Mickey is waiting and you can take photos without all the preasure of a long line of people looking at you and wishing you would hurry up. 

When we go in the room we had a family in front of us so we had a little wait.  Alan was holding Gabbie at this time and he put her down.  Well as soon as he did she started to take off to see Mickey.  Alan had to hold her back.  All fears of her being scared went out the window. 

 We were surprised to see Minnie with Mickey!!
We had a hard time getting Gabbie to turn around to take a picture because she was so engrossed in Mickey and Minnie.

You can see we actually got a photo but good thing it was shot that split second because she started inspecting Minnie after that. 

Got to check out her tongue, then dress....

..then shoes....

..then nose...When it was time for us to leave and the other family was stepping up to take a photo, Gabbie ran back over there.  We had to pry her out of there. 

We rode a lot more rides and had a lot of fun.  I didn't reall take a lot of photos of us at rides because we were so busy.  I wish I would have now but at the time it felt to stressful to do it.  Sanity is a good thing.

For dinner we went to Whispering Canyon Cafe which is located in the Wilderness Lodge.  I loved the surroundings.  I would be my first choice for resorts.  Al and I both said we would love to here. 
The dinner was FUN!!!  When I was making reservations over the phone the guy I was talking to said, "Just a warning...Don't ask for ketchup!"  That's all he would tell me.  Well we didn't ask for ketchup but another table did and their waiter Yelled  We Need Ketchup Down Here!!!!!  Then out came a box of ketchup and no kidding they sat at least 20 bottles of ketchup on their table.  Then later someone asked for it and their waiter screamed and everyone who had ketchup on their table took it to that table. 
Our waitress was a HOOT.  Then Al, Regina, and Alan asked for a refill and this is what they got........
A Huge Ball jar

We will definitely be back to Whispering Canyon!!

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