Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

These photos are ones that were taken the last part of 2007.

Just before Thanksgiving I decided I needed to take some pictures of the kids in the back yard while the color was still on the trees. I think I will set up a fund for a Cannon Rebel. I am surprised I still have hair after that. Very few of the photos show the faces of all the kids at the same time. Most that do have closed eyes, crazy faces, or blank stares. But the few times all six eyes met the camera, those are priceless. I was able to click through like a story book and see Gabbie holding the leaf, drawing the leaf close to her face, eating the leaf, and then expelling the leaf along with lunch. Oh the joys of picture day. Looking at these photos I'm sure you would have no idea what it took to get them. Please enjoy them!!!


These were taken at the River Maze in Ocoee Tennessee. The co-op we are involved in took a field trip and the kids had a blast. Let me just say that corn mazes are not made for strollers. It was like a roller coaster for 10 month old Gabbie.

The kids road in a cow train that was pulled by a tractor. Abigail and Matthew are in the first cow.
After warning the kids about the fire ants, the farmer invited them to pick pumpkins. I think that was a record time for pumpkin picking.
In history we learned about Ancient Egypt. The kids made necklaces to look like those the Egyptians wore and I tore a sheet and applied eyeliner for a little more effect. I chose not to shave Matthew's head. I thought that might be going a little too far. But I think he has the look down pat. Don't you?
Christmas 2007
No they are not candy canes nor did they didn't just brake out of elf jail.
I guess I forgot how crazy the fall pictures were. God must have a since of humor. I guess the only way I do crazy things like this is because I have momentary memory loss. At least this time there were no leaves involved.

One tradition we have is PJ's on Christmas Eve. I purchased these in September and as Christmas neared I realized I needed a photo for the December slot of the gift calenders I was making. I pulled the PJ's out and said,"Hey guys, guess what we get to do!" "Are those ours?" "No, we are just going to use them for pictures" They weren't theirs because I hadn't given them to them. They were technically mine. Anyway, we had another photo shoot and they were pleasantly surprised on Christmas Eve. I need a camera that takes 3 pictures a second. Santa didn't get my wish list.
No matter the trouble, I would do it over again and again to look back on these precious faces after these years are gone.

Love you all.


Abigail has learned how to tie a shoe!! She was so excited we had to take a photo. She worked really hard to learn. Over a period of time she would try, not succeed and put it down. One day she picked up the shoe and tied it.

See Mommy, I DID IT!!!!

Okay. I had to put this on. It was too funny to pass up. I may have lost all modesty. I guess that's what kids do for you. Gabrielle came upon something and decided she had to put it on. This is her own doing. I will let you figure it out!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Butterflies and Penguins

We were at the Aquarium last week and we had so much fun. Gabrielle was so interested in everything. I held her over the open water so she could see the sting rays, legs kicked and arms flew. She was so excited. I lowered her to the water and the splashed it with such excitement. She tried to touch a ray but we weren't fast enough.

We are in the butterfly house and I have a butterfly on my finger.
Now it is flying away and she was so excited!!!

Every time she saw a butterfly she would reach out. She touched a couple.
Next we went to see the penguins. The kids love this! This is the first trip that Gabbie has really taken notice of everything. How FUN!! She would beat on the glass with such excitement. The blur over Abigail is a penguin. They are sooo fast.
This is the coolest area of Penguin Rock. This semi-circle makes you feel as if you are in the water with the penguins. Can you tell they enjoyed themselves?