Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

Earlier in the spring two mom friends of mine told me about a church in Ringgold, GA that had an interpretive dance class for home school girls and their moms. I didn't know if it was something that we wanted to do. I went the first time and found out it was very modest and professional. I thought it was wonderful!!!
We practiced for 8 weeks and for the first time they had a presentation for the public and a recital.
There were five different age groups of dancers and each studied their own dances. They all worked very hard and I was amazed at the performance.
Abigail loved it and so did I.

This is Joseph and his brothers after he received his coat from his father.
The music was from Joseph and his techno colored dream coat.

The dance had a lot of sign language in it. The words to Abigail's song:
"Joseph your coat has so many colors
bright as the sun at the noon of the day
when you wear your coat of Joseph
God will guide you on your way"

They would sign the words above and then as they sang the colors they held a hoop that had a rainbow of colors on it and circled Joseph.

The brothers throwing him in the well.

The moms were workers harvesting the wheat for the seven years of famine.

To end, everyone came back on stage and signed "Awesome God"

The awards ceremony was Friday night after the recital and most of the moms and girls were presented with flowers.

This whole experience was a blessing and we both had so much fun we will be doing it again next year.

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