Monday, June 23, 2008

Co-op and field trips

Backward Day at CHE

This was taken earlier in the spring when Gabbie wasn't walking.

The kids clothes are backward, the chairs were backward. It was a lot of fun. We meet in the gym for announcements, singing and prayer. On this day Angie (our leader) showed a home move that she had made with her children who are older and some of the other older kids. It was all backward.

Class Photos

Matthews class had about 20 enrolled. Obviously not everyone showed up for picture day.

This is the Red Team. (1st and 2nd graders)
There were about 25 enrolled in her class. The two women on the end were the leaders of this class. Both Abigail and Matthew made friends with a brother and sister in this class.

Nicole is on the far left of the bottom row and Wesley is the fourth from the left in the middle row.

Chattanooga Zoo Field trip

They have a special class room at the zoo where they can have classes and let the kids pet some snakes and just get to see some things up close

This bird is just gorgeous. They have a mirror in front of it because it likes to look at itself. I can't remember what type of bird it is. I just had to put this in.

This is Nicole, Abigails friend. They were also in interpretive dance together.

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