Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cute photos of kids

This is a culmination of photos from this spring.
The girls are playing with a talking bear Gabbie received for Christmas. She loves it.

How cute is this little girl!!!!
I was taking photos of Abigail and Matthew outside and caught a little squabble. I don't know if you can see Abigail's frustration, but she doesn't want Matthew looking at the book.

Now this is handsome boy. And a little silly.
Matthew was sick one week and while riding in the car we gave him a bag just in case in got sick. When he got home he had to find some tape and it shocked us with what he did. I feel sorry for him even now as I look at the photo, but I have to say he was very inventive.
I handed Gabbie something to play with in the car to keep her quiet, not thinking anything would happen. You would think this being my third I would be smarter. I would have never handed Abigail or Matthew the box that contained my lipstick.

Okay, these are just hilarious!!!
These are photos from the week we were last in Tuscaloosa. The princesses are having a lot of fun at Caroline's house.

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