Thursday, August 13, 2009

February 2009 Cute Pics of Kids

This is February 2009. The pics are still cute even if they were taken 6 months ago!!!

We went to the IMAX and Childrens Discovery Museum with our friends the McMillans. Don't they all look so cute in their glasses.
I think the exibit up stairs was about the different houses around the world. They had stories for each home from a childs perspective. Very cute.
Kaylee, Abigail and Gabbie had a fun time in the drama room pretending to be Ballarinas.
Silly Gabbie
These are SO funny. Gabbie just walked up to me and said,"Hat!"
How Funny is this. Bloomers for a hat. I guess anything can be a hat when you are 2.


Snow in Tuscaloosa!!!
We were leaving Chattanooga headed for Tuscaloosa and were sad because the weather man said it was going to snow. We were going to miss it!!! It snows in Chattanooga about as much as it snows in Tuscaloosa.
Well what do you know....we brought the snow with us!!! Chattanooga didn't get any of it!!!

Notice the snow ball in mid-air at the top of the photo!!!!


Celebrating in Tuscaloosa

While in Tuscaloosa we celebrated my birthday with family because we would not be back for a while.
My Sweet little chicks. They make life fun and interesting.

Gabrielle McDuff is sporting the amazing an sought after GLOW IN THE DARK hoop earings!!! They were purchased at the very exclusive boutique "DOLLAR TREE". Sorry but I think was the last pair. These were given by Abigail McDuff to her mother on her birthday!!!

Abigail McDuff is sporting the newest trend. Satin night pants and knee high boots, topped off with an oreo smile!!!
Just Funny
The kids love to have their pictures taken and make crazy faces.

Drum Role Please!!!

I think Gabbie was tired.
I stepped out of the kitchen for a few minutes and this is what I came back to.

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