Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of 2008-2009 School Year at the YMCA

Celebrating our Accomplishments

Gabbie is displaying the line up for the events that will take place.
A talent show, concert, and graduation for Kindergartners.
Matthew is performing, with his music class, on the hand bells. They did a great job and Matthew loved this class. The main focus was on music appreciation and recognition.
Abigail and her music class are entering the "stage".Abigail enjoyed her music class as well. She learned how to play the recorder and worked very hard to memorize this piece. They played "The Corn Song" that has a fast tempo and a good many changes. It took a lot of practicing but she did it!!!
Abigail completed 1st grade and is now headed to 2nd grade.
Matthew McDuff graduated from Kindergarten!! And received a certificate of accomplishment and a stuffed bear. He was so cute in his cap and gown.

We can't leave out Gabbie who was soaking up the spot light looking so cute and posing
for the camera.

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