Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fall 2008

Fall 2008
This year we have a better camera and so I didn't have a panic attack trying to take the photos this year. (Thanks Dad)
Yes I know that it is no longer Fall. What can I say....I am a busy mom. Sorry to you all that have been checking and haven't found anything new since OCTOBER!!!

This is were the difficultly comes in. Getting all three of them to smile or at least look cute at the same time.

I call this photo Article One:

This year Gabbie did have a leaf in her possession but at least she didn't eat it and throw up like last year.

Article Two:
At this point it is over.
Matthew's face says it all.
Gabbie can't stand to have anything on her feet so she is OUT!!!

Here is a close up of her "EEEOOOOOO!"

Case closed.
We did get some wonderful pictures and I will love to look back on the crazy ones just as much. Such is motherhood

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Jeremy, Meg, Harrison, and Kate said...

Your children have grown so. I found your blog on Lori Maxey's blogspot. I hope you don't mind. How have you been? You need to check us out at