Friday, February 22, 2008

Butterflies and Penguins

We were at the Aquarium last week and we had so much fun. Gabrielle was so interested in everything. I held her over the open water so she could see the sting rays, legs kicked and arms flew. She was so excited. I lowered her to the water and the splashed it with such excitement. She tried to touch a ray but we weren't fast enough.

We are in the butterfly house and I have a butterfly on my finger.
Now it is flying away and she was so excited!!!

Every time she saw a butterfly she would reach out. She touched a couple.
Next we went to see the penguins. The kids love this! This is the first trip that Gabbie has really taken notice of everything. How FUN!! She would beat on the glass with such excitement. The blur over Abigail is a penguin. They are sooo fast.
This is the coolest area of Penguin Rock. This semi-circle makes you feel as if you are in the water with the penguins. Can you tell they enjoyed themselves?

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The Maxeys said...

Great update! I check often - your pictures are definitely worth the effort!